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Plastic Selection Area

Post by timdef » Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:06 pm

I realize the disc selection process can go on for pages, and pages and hours of talk, but we should consider a disc section that is prominent for new players as they get directed to the website, a sort of "cleaned up" collection of what DisCap members think of as reliable sources of good disc selection criteria.
I suppose I think our members have probably done enough research to be able to offer something better than the typical "google search" result, even if it's just links to other reliable sources of information... more selective than a google search

so i remembered the Gear DISCussions page after I wrote the above... not a real obvious place for a beginner to find, but i suppose it's alrready in place. Maybe we could "sticky" a beginner type thread at the top with a collection of share-worthy links and/or posts in the thread of good beginner info?

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