Borderland State Park - Easton, MA

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Borderland State Park - Easton, MA

Post by nyrblue2 » Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:45 pm

I was out near Boston for the PGA tourney on Friday and decided to stop at Borderland State Park ( before I headed home this morning. Anyone else ever played that one?

It's a pretty nice course, with 2 tees AND 2 baskets per hole (18 holes), so you can play many different variations. I played from the blue tees to the blue baskets (the longest combo) and shot a 75 (+7). Nice mix of wooded and open holes and a lot of distance - 8585 feet for blue to blue, which is longer than 27 at J-park. It was windy as hell today, which really made for some interesting looking drives on the open holes. I feel better conditions and a better player than me could consistently shoot under par. Tees were these rubber mats, but were secure to the ground and gave nice footing. Signs at both tees were very well done, showing routes to both baskets, plus distance and par. Somehow I felt like there were a bunch of downhill drives, but not much uphill...not really sure how that worked. Throughout the course were a bunch of stone walls to get over, which was pretty neat. A lot of the wooded holes reminded me of J-park East. The hole with the electric lines running down the fairway reminded me of CPS. Hole #2 was a beast at over 900 feet. #3 was remisicent of #4 at J-park with an elevated pin on top of a rock outcrop. #17 was an open, dogleg right with a nice view of an old estate mansion that's now a tourist spot - blue basket was a blind sharp turn to the left around a big vegitation patch at the very end. Supposedly this place can get very busy, but it wasn't too crowded this morning. Lot of open space apart from the golf course, so there were some picnics, x-country practice, biking, etc. A father and son started right behind me and I ran into a couple other guys on tee #18 as I was walking across that fairway to tee #5 (yes, odd, I know).

Could have been due to the edge of the hurricane that hit last night, but the course seems very wet. Out in the woods, they have boards all over the place to get you across marshy areas and even a couple of the fairways on open holes were muddy. Even though it gives more options, I didn't really like the dual baskets on each hole. Some were really close to each other. Some I wasn't sure if it was blue or white and had to search a bit before my next shot to make sure I was going to the right one. The do have tall orange flags on top of each basket, which did help to pick them out of the wooded backgrounds. Also, the white-white and blue-blue hole routes crossed each other on a few holes. Not too big of a deal, but the father and son were playing white-white on my heels (which put us around the same pace, with 2 of them playing the shorter layout) so there was a lot of checking to make sure shots were clear. Course flow was a bit odd with some long walks to a few tees, plus some backtracking down the previous fairway, however, there are lots of good directional signs to guide you to the next hole. The course map on their website looks excellent, but the one on the back of the scorecard (good kiosk at entrance with scorecards, pencils and a "lost disc dropbox") appears to literally be a pencil sketch.

Overall, it was a pretty nice course with a lot of variety. I'd like to get out there again at some point when I have some more time and do the other layout options.

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Re: Borderland State Park - Easton, MA

Post by Greg » Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:53 pm

Nice course
I've played in NEFA and PDGA tournaments at Borderlands about 5 times in the last 5 years
The Pokerpalooza Tournament was a blast and I like their course alot.
playing at J Park helps us when we travel to nicely wooded courses.
Finding all the alternate tees and baskets is tough. The walk across the field is a bit of a trek
Glad you had a nice time there

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Re: Borderland State Park - Easton, MA

Post by Ven » Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:42 am

I played the first four holes yesterday. Very nicely maintained. The course was packed! It was a gorgeous day there. At tee 5 there was a 5some on the fairway, then a 10some, an 8some and a mom with 2 kids ahead of me. So I drove homeward 2 hours and played at Crane Hill in Wilbraham...

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